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We have the following bank details : Nordea bank Denmark • Copenhagen • Denmark
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Bernic is a Danish company with more than 40 years in the industry.
Bernic was founded in 1952 beginning with manufacturing of carbon microphones.
In 1984, Bernic entered the enclosure business and launched our first enclosure type 500.

Our background in manufacturing tools has helped us to succeed in the business.
Today Bernic’s strategy is to supply individually designed enclosure solutions to our customers.

Our enclosures are designed and produced in our facilities in Denmark, and therefore we can supply EUR1 certificate covering all goods and have full control over the supply chain.

We specialize in DIN rail enclosures and offer a diverse range of enclosures specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of various electronic applications.
Our comprehensive selection caters to a wide array of industries, including industrial automation, building control systems, and the rapidly growing electric automotive and charging industry.

We provide a wide selection of materials, sizes, colors, and configurations to ensure that you find the perfect enclosure that suits your specific requirements.
Additionally, we offer customization services such as laser engraving, milling, and printing, allowing you to personalize your enclosures.

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