For Bernic sustainability is about resilience. We are building on the foundation that will help our company thrive in the future.  2021 has shown that we can expect uncertainty and by building back with integrity and embedded sustainability practices and mindsets into our business, we will better be prepared for changes reshaping our industry, the economy, and our environment and society.

 At Bernic we put sustainability at the forefront along with quality. We know that our actions now will shape the future, therefore we continuously strive to become better and reduce our Co2 footprint. 90% of our enclosures are produced and assembled in Denmark to reduce transportation and Co2. The power that keeps the lights on and the machines running in our production and office facilities comes from the local source of renewable energy – Danish offshore wind turbines. The power is supplied by Ørsted and is CO2 neutral. We keep a close eye on the electricity consumption in our buildings and regularly follow up on the possibility of improvements.

We are in the process of  implementing ISO 14000, to make our business more sustainable and our carbon footprint as low as possible. We are working on calculating our carbon emission, down to a single enclosure and we are also on a mission to end plastic waste, by offering our customers to take back enclosures end of life, to ensure they are recycled or disposed of in the proper way. Our goal is to carbon neutralize our remaining Co2 footprint by planting forest. In 2021 we planted more than 5000 trees on land we have purchased in Fredensborg, north of Copenhagen Denmark.

These are some of the ventures we have taken so far, we will continue looking into new initiatives that will lead us to a more social and ecological responsible business. So that we, in collaboration with our partners, are helping to bring on the green conversion.