DIN Rail enclosures

We offer a big variety of DIN Rail enclosures – electronic enclosures that gives you the choice of 3 different lines of DIN Rail enclosures, wall mounted enclosures for thermostat, and IP65 sealed enclosures and various other cabinets and boxes for electronics. Flexibility to build your own enclosure The stair box DIN-rail enclosures that gives the flexibly to build your own enclosure the with building blocks method. With printed circuit boards for terminals in two levels the enclosure offers the possibility of taking electrical design to the next level. The possibility of mixing different openings for connectors, with or without ventilation, gives not only a very wide range of options for connections, but also offers highly customizable enclosure designs. Due to designed covers it is possible to add individual features to the design.

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What is DIN rail enclosures?

DIN rail enclosures are used for encapsulating control equipment for home automation and industrial automation . The enclosures are mounted on DIN rails. There is a wide range of enclosures, all manufactured and designed for your specific needs. Regardless if your DIN rail enclosures are to be used for Bus systems, IOT, Industry 4.0 or are to be placed in specific locations and/or meet different safety standards, you can find your DIN rail enclosures here.  

Different material options – DIN rail enclosures

Depending on your needs regarding flexibility, safety and cost, there are many different types of DIN rail enclosures to choose from. DIN rail enclosures can be produced in different materials like PC, ABS and Polycarbonate, each with their own advantages. Feel free to contact us if you want help choosing the best material for your project.  

Choosing an enclosure design

We produce a wide range of enclosures in many different sizes that can either be used as is or be tailored to your project with various cut-outs for LED’s, buttons, displays etc. Low profile or extra volume We produce an wide range of enclosures whether you need a low profile or more internal volume. We also have a wide range of high-end enclosures for a more sophisticated solution or design. With possibilities for different connectors and terminals like PCB-blocks, plug headers or D-Sub, KNX and Front connectors, but also if you need to install switches, displays or knobs. Contact us and let us help you find the perfect DIN-rail enclosure solution.