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Series 170

Series 170

Module enclosure for M36 DIN-rail Series 170 is, if requested, available in several colours and with customer specified holes in the front. Lid, PCB, customized label and packing is available. Possibility for both base and top PCB. Trimmers and spindles that fit the height of the box are available. Hinged lid and open front available.

Small DIN Rail Enclosures

In the realm of industrial automation and control systems, the search for small DIN rail enclosures leads us to a vital component. These compact yet robust enclosures are the unsung heroes of electronic component protection and organization in the industrial and automation sectors.

The Importance of Small DIN Rail Enclosures

Small DIN rail enclosures are indispensable in industrial automation and control systems. They serve as secure abodes for electronic components. In environments like manufacturing plants, power distribution facilities, and process control settings, this device is a cornerstone of protection and organization.

Key Features of Small DIN Rail Enclosures

  1. Compact Design: The design is meticulously crafted to align with standard DIN rails. This compactness efficiently utilizes space within control panels and cabinets.
  2. Durable Construction: Typically crafted from high-quality materials such as aluminum or polycarbonate. This product offer durability and resilience against the harshest industrial conditions.
  3. Protection: These enclosures serve as fortresses guarding against dust, moisture, and other environmental adversaries that could potentially harm sensitive electronic components.
  4. Easy Installation: The installation is a straightforward task. Their compatibility with DIN rails ensures hassle-free mounting, making them ideal for retrofitting existing systems.
  5. Modularity: This DIN Rail are designed with modularity in mind, allowing users to tailor them to their specific needs. This modular approach simplifies the addition or replacement of components.
  6. Transparent Covers: Some of these enclosures come equipped with transparent covers, facilitating effortless visual inspection of the enclosed components without necessitating enclosure access.
  7. Temperature Resistance: Engineered to endure a wide range of temperatures and ensure the continuous operation of enclosed components even in the most extreme conditions.


  1. Manufacturing: Manufacturing plants employ these enclosures to house control devices for production machinery, ensuring uninterrupted manufacturing processes.
  2. Energy Management: In power distribution and energy management systems this product shields critical components like circuit breakers.
  3. Building Automation: Play pivotal roles in building automation systems by accommodating controllers for HVAC, lighting, and access control.
  4. Process Control: They are the guardians of signal conditioners, data loggers, and other components in process control systems.
  5. Telecommunications: In the telecommunications domain, DIN rail enclosures safeguard networking equipment and communication devices, ensuring seamless connectivity.

In conclusion, small DIN rail enclosures are a linchpin in industrial and automation settings. Their compactness, durability, and adaptability make them integral to systems reliant on electronic components. Whether it’s guaranteeing the smooth operation of a manufacturing line or safeguarding critical control systems, these enclosures play a pivotal role in preserving the reliability and functionality of modern industrial processes.