Din Rail box enclosures

A din rail enclosure box is a safety storage box for electrical components. The components are installed in a closed electrical cabinet for installation of electrical equipment. It can be a din rail box enclosure containing a smart meter for smart grid. But it can also be much wider like Smart cities. 

Smart cities are a common buzz word for cities that have cloud-controlled units that control a city’s infrastructure from streetlights to traffic light.  

These days were many places in Europe have a shortage of energy and thereby electricity also allocation of the energy, so it is where you need it when you need it is important. 

This means that you need units build in din rail boxes to cut off or limit other use when you have a peak in the grid. It can be both country wide to avoid brown outs, city wise (smart cities) or in your home so you do not use all the most power consuming equipment at once. – So, your car does not charge when you cook or dry your laundry. 

The cloud-based units build in a din rail box communicate with each other and via AI  

They learn what you like so you have tank full of electricity in the morning, hot coffee at the right time, and still have energy to wash close in the night when you do not cook, and the prices are e lower. 

A din rail enclosure box is defined by a DIN standard, so it fits in a DIN standard electrical cabinet. 

This goes for both shape and dimensions.  Here it is important to choose a supplier that have understood this as it is very costly to discover that after you have spent 100.000 used to have the equipment UL approved that something has been overlook to the din rail boxes do not fit the electrical cabinet or the units in the rack. 

din rail box enclosures have become the industrial standard for housing cloud-based units for electrical distribution in smart cities and smart factories.  

IOT is also a buzz word in smart factories – where sensors are linked to din rail box enclosure in electrical cabinet to control production lines. In a production line you can have hundreds of electrical cabinets containing thousands of din rail box enclosures with cloud-based units and IOT units.  

An example can be a car factory where you have iot sensors that wireless report to the cloud and  

Via the control software controls din rail box enclosure units that controls the production flow.  

A car today is also in contact with the cloud and can be repaired and updated while driving and give feed back to the factory with correction and quality issues.  

Likewise, can smart city learn and improve it power consumption, from the knowledge you gather from all the smart sensors and the din rail box enclosure in electrical cabinet that control streetlight, charging stations, traffic light and other public consumption.  

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