It is the policy of Bernic to maintain and improve its position of quality leadership for the enclosure products and services it offers for commercial sale, via the quest for continuing product improvement and customer satisfaction.

We know that the future belongs to those who succeed in delivery quality. Commited to the philosophy and principles of DS/ISO 9002, we take its points as guiding principles to our operation.
Adoption especially of the strategy of defect prevention rather than defect detection, the employment of statistical tools for quality control and improvement, and promotion throughout the company of an atmosphere that fosters employee involvement, team work, and the understanding that quality is everybody´s responsibility, are key operating principles.

We are, at the present time, working aggressively toward company-wide development and implementation of statistical process control and quality improvement. Over the course of 1993 all of the company upper and middle management attended the four day seminar presented by quality manager om “Methods for management of Productivity and Quality. Our factory hourly
personnel, as well as our supervisory team, have all received training in-house from a professional SPC Consultant. Major tools used throughout the shop at present include median charts, conventional X and R charts, P type charts for specific attribute control, and precontrol, or what we identify as target control.

In major operations, molding and assembly operations, the SPC program is well developed and largely implemented. Our calibration system is at present receiving much attention. Accuracy of measuring equipment is fundamental to effective SPC, so that we consider this a very critical element in our overall SPC program.

Quality measurement and improvement programs have been developed for our suppliers with excellent early results. Our measurement of receivals at the company are summarized each month and fed back to our suppliers for their evaluation and corrective action planning. Frequent communication meetings are held with our major suppliers to discuss past performance, problem areas and strategies for quality improvement. We recognize here, as DS/ISO 9002 stresses, the necessity for team work, mutual confidence and assistance between purchaser and supplier. Clearly, dependable, responsive long term sources are critical to us in meeting quality objectives for the future.

We at Bernic are well aware of today´s quality imperative in the ever more competitive world market place. We have adopted the new philosophy and are determined to meet the challenge.