• Series 400 – This series is available in four sizes.
    • Series 2000 – This series of DIN Rail Enclosures is supplied in material with UL94-Vo specifications – also in alumimium or dark red and with ventilation slots. Contact us for making a request

Sealed Enclosures – Series 200/1000: designed to IP65 specifications and great for electrical and electronic industries.

    • Series 200 – Modern series of DIN Rail Enclosures; modern design and variety of colours.
    • Series 200f – Series of DIN Rail Enclosures moulded enclosures are offered in two designs and a lot of colours.
    • Series 1000 – Low cost enclosures meet IP65 dust and hoseproof requirements – can be supplied in more colours and materials.

Hand-held Enclosures – Series 3100: hand-held DIN Rail Enclosures for control devices.

    • Series 3100 – top and base cover with panel construction – comes in ABS grey cover and is also available with dark-red PMMA panel for sensors.

Sealed Portable Enclosures – Series 3000: utility boxed for in-door electronic devices.

    • Series 3000 – moulded in ABS UL94-VO in grey/black or other colours – send a request.

DIN Rail Supports – Series 3600: made to assemble electronic equipment into closed racks.

Boxes for Potting – Series 7000: Boxes made of black ABS or polycarbonate for sealing of electronic parts.

    • Series 7000 – This series of DIN Rail Enclosures is made for a heat resistance from -40°C to -75°C (-40°F to -100°F).

Utility Boxes – Series 1800: Utilily boxes for in-door electronic devices.

    • Series 1800 – This series of utility boxes for DIN Rail Enclosures is ideal for complete and partial molding. Delicred in grey and black and in six different sizes.

Project Enclosures – Series 6000: hand-held enclosures for hand-held control devices.

    • Series 6000 Enclosures – This series of DIN Rail Enclosures is designed in a two part construction. The enclosures are ideal for hand-held control devices.

Gold Enclosures – Din Rail Enclosures for wall mounting, desk top or hand held. Can be used for ex climate-control etc.

    • Gold Enclosure – In this webshop, you can order this gold enclosure – it is easy and comes in many colours on request.

Sensor Enclosures – Enclosure for wall mounting for thermostats, relay boxes, sensor enclosures and more. See our products here and buy them in our webshop

Accessories – There are many possibilities for extending our enclosures – we have collected all of our accessories right here.