Bernic has introduced a new mini potting box intended for sealing and protecting electronic assemblies. The new mini box has the dimensions 8,9mm x 44mm x 10mm, and is made from polycarbonate materials that are resistant to shock and vibration.
The Potting boxes series 7000 are used for safely enclosing electronic assemblies like transformers and chokes. Potting can be done with the help of any solid or gelatinous shock resistant material.
They provide a complete protection against moisture and corrosive agents.
Boxes for sealing of electronics parts with resin, made of black ABS (or Polycarbonate)
heat resistant from -40 – 75 (-40 – 100)
and with superior dielectric properties.
Lids available. And thus, very suitable as
sample box.
Upon request special sizes, materials and
conductive antistatic EMI-X coatings are available.

DIN-Rail Enclosure mini box edited