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350 High/Low M2 – DIN rail enclosure

350 High/Low M2 2-Module enclosure for M36 Din-rail. Series High-Low is designed to give room for special connectors and larger components and if requested with custom made holes for connectors and terminals. Lid, PCB, customized label and packing is available. Possibility for both base and top PCB. A closed version without terminals is also available. Trimmers and spindles that fit the height of the box are available.

Series 3600

Supports for PCB's is the quickest and simpliest method to assemble electronic equipment into closed racks. The supports are easily fastened onto a DIN-rail by means of a clip. This 2-9 modular system allows different PCB dimensions according to customer requirements.

Series 450

Module enclosure DIN-rail. To be used in a closed rack or installation box. Series 450 is, if requested, available in several colours and with customer specified holes in the front and base part. PCB and packing are available. Possibility for both vertical and horizontal PCB. Many PCB arrangements are possible.