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Series 1273

Push switches for series 300/600/900 with snap-in terminals and knob.   Knob available in several colours upon request.

Series 300

Enclosure with knob, for wallmounting, suitable for room thermostats etc. The knob fits among others trimmer P/N. PCH215/30 from AB Electronik GmbH. Standard colour is white/white but other colours can be supplied upon request. PCB and packing are available.

Series 350 Flat

2 module flat enclosures for M36 DIN-rail The Series 350 flat is a compact module enclosure, designed for applications that don't require extra space above the PCB. By reducing this space and eliminating the need for long spindles for switches, trimmers, and light guides for LEDs, this enclosure helps our customers save money and space. Series 350 flat is, if requested, available with engraved terminal numbers and symbols, and with custom made holes in the front. Lid, PCB, customized label, and packing is available. A closed version without terminals is also available. Light conductors and spindles that fit the height of the box are available