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M70 light low enclosure

Light low-cost 4 modules enclosure. With the optional terminal covers you can have a simple and low cost two pcs enclosure or you can use the optional covers to enable you the flexibility to build your own DIN-rail enclosures. The possibility of mixing covers with different openings for connectors gives not only very wide options of connections, but also a very good price. Due to designed covers it is possible to add different and individual features to the design. Interconnections in form of pin headers and distance pcs/spacers from board level to board level are available. Options: Printed numbers and symbols on the cover and colour coded covers. Series M4 is, if requested, available with customer specified holes in front. Prototype PCB, customized label and packing are available.

Series 1470

A standard pluggable terminal (like Phoenix or any other connector) is mounted with the other components to the PCB. The PCB is then slid into the box and the base is clicked on. The unit is ready. The wire part is then just plugged in. Modular enclosure for M36 DIN-rail. Series 1470 is designed for automations equipment and can be used with a pluggable terminal, a D-sub or other kind of connectors in the front. Holes in the front and sides are available according to customer wishes.

Series 3600

Supports for PCB's is the quickest and simpliest method to assemble electronic equipment into closed racks. The supports are easily fastened onto a DIN-rail by means of a clip. This 2-9 modular system allows different PCB dimensions according to customer requirements.

Series 700

Module enclosure for M36 DIN-rail Series 700 is, if requested, available in several colours and with custom specified holes in the front. Lid, PCB, customized label and packing is available. Possibility for both base and top PCB. A closed version without terminals is also available. Trimmers and spindles that fit the height of the box are available.