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Series 3000

This series of utility boxes is very suitable for assembling of in-door electronic devices. Furthermore they are ideal for complete or partial potting. Moulded in ABS UL94-VO and as standard delivered in grey or black. Other colours are available upon request. Two different sizes are all easily assembled by means of self tapping screws. Can be supplied drilled, printed, EMC coated, etc. according to customer specification.

Series 3100

A range of hand-held enclosures, which are ideal for control devices. Designed in top and base cover with front panel construction. Internal PCB bosses are molded in top and base covers for self-tapping screws. Front panel is as standard in ABS grey color. Dark-red transparent PMMA panel for infrared sensors can on request be delievered. Standard material: ABS Flame Retardant in grey color.

Series 6000

A range of hand-held enclosures that are ideal for hand-held control devices. Internal PCB bosses are moulded in top and base covers for self-tapping screws. Designed in top and base cover two part construction.